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Partnering with LensRentals

Disclosure: Car Enthused is sustained on affiliate sales commission. You may find some of those links in our articles. We pride ourselves on not having a purchasable opinion and you can trust that our opinions are genuine. logo

Car photography is a hobby of mine. I’m not great at it but I have a lot of fun with it. I think car photography can be a great creative outlet. Plus, it’s always interesting to have something you can learn and grow at.

If you follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook), you’ve probably seen that we’ve been promoting 15% off with the code VROOM15.

Why collaborate with

This is our first real collaboration with another brand that has money-making potential. So far the only way that we’ve generated any money from the website or social media has been through Amazon affiliate links. It does not come at any cost to you. Unlike the Amazon affiliate links, LensRentals and Car Enthused are able to offer you a discount while we still manage to earn a commission.

You selling out?

It’s important to us that our partnerships are something that we can enthusiastically stand behind. Since car photography is a passion of mine, I’ve rented from LensRentals prior to this engagement. I’ve loved the experience. After a few rentals I decided to reach out to LensRentals directly to see if they’d be open to a collaboration. Through a few conversations with folks in marketing we came to decide that the affiliate program could provide a beneficial relationship. As a result we’re super happy to offer the Car Enthused community 15% off using code VROOM15 at checkout.

I’ve personally used LensRentals as a way to help me try new gear to improve my car photography. I’ve rented a 35mm f1.4, a 16-35mm f4 with built-in stabilization, the Zeiss Batis 40mm f2, and I’m picking up a 70mm macro lens today to see how I can use that for car photography too.

Should we expect ads on ads on ads?

We will occasionally promote and our 15% off deal but only as much as it makes sense to make sure new members of the Car Enthused community are aware of the benefit that we can provide and only as long as we believe in this partnership.

Car Enthused is a business but it’s a business driven by passion and if we can’t provide authenticate recommendations then I don’t want us to promote those products or services.

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