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Ceramic tint on my Porsche GT4

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I recently had ceramic tint applied to my GT4 and I’m really pleased with the results. I was a bit apprehensive about spending the extra money on ceramic tint over the standard stuff but I’m glad I did.

Ceramic tint: Appearance

The two types of window tint film that I’ve been recommended for reducing in-cabin heat are metallic and ceramic. I’ve heard stories about how metallic window film can interfere with cell phone and radar detector reception. In addition I’ve heard that the surface of a car tinted with metallic tint is also a bit more reflective.

What I wanted was the look of traditional window tint with more heat reduction. I was happy to learn that ceramic tint offers the same look as regular dyed film and after my installation I can confirm: It looks just like any other window tint.

Ceramic tint: Heat repellent

The big selling point of ceramic tint is that it’s significantly better at repelling the sun’s heat from impacting the interior temperature of the car’s cabin. Apparently ceramic film can reduce the temperature through the window by roughly 50% (source). This is the point that I was the most skeptical about. I mean yeah, 50% is significant… but on a 90 degree and sunny Colorado day, will I notice a difference?

Yes. My car was finished and returned to me on a nearly 100-degree, Sunny day in Denver. My car had been sitting outside in the sun prior to my arrival and the cabin was warm, but it was not baking inside like I would have expected prior to having the tint installed.

This is the hardest point for me to qualify because the feeling is totally subjective. It’s absolutely cooler in the car now and it feels very substantial in real life.

Ceramic tint: Cost

I paid an extra $150 for ceramic film over dyed film. I was quoted $200 for 15% dyed film and $350 for 20% ceramic film. Pricing varies. I’ve had some shops tell me they’re offering me a discount at $500 for ceramic film but clearly that’s too much. Shop around but make sure you do your research so that you’re getting a trustworthy installer too.

Was it worth it?

I feel like the extra $150 or so that I paid for ceramic tint over normal dyed tint was completely worth it. There’s probably some scammy marketing that people push to get people to spend extra on ceramic film but from one car enthusiast to another, I highly recommend taking the next step up in pricing to get a more heat repellent film. Especially if you’re in an area where temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees in the summer.

I will use ceramic tint on any of the vehicles that I own in the future and I look forward to also using ceramic for my wife’s car in the future.

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