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Shuttering the DailyDrivenCo store

Disclosure: Car Enthused is sustained on affiliate sales commission. You may find some of those links in our articles. We pride ourselves on not having a purchasable opinion and you can trust that our opinions are genuine.

You may have noticed that the DailyDrivenCo store is no longer available. Regrettably, I had to make the decision to pull the plug on the store. It is a relatively small part of the DailyDrivenCo plan and it has been fun to run… but quality control issues from my print-on-demand supplier were unacceptable.

I ordered 3 of the latest hoodie design (the CAR ENTHUSIAST hoodie) and each print came out with different defects. These are 3 prints from the same order!

No one has complained about the quality of their product but I’m not interested in a sub-par experience where people need to exchange an item and I don’t get to sign off on the quality first.

My original plan before opening the store was to source a local printer and have my own apparel provider and I would just stock the merchandise and handle distribution myself as well. In order to launch the store faster I started to use Printful.

The store will come back in the future but for now I need to focus on the next big DailyDrivenCo announcement as well as preparing for the birth of my son in July.

Thanks for your support! I look forward to bringing the merch back in the future.

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