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Community spotlight: daily driven 991.2 GT3 Touring

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I reached out to James on Instagram (@911_spy) after seeing a bunch of photos of his 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring to see if he would be interested in a feature on the site. Much to my excitement he was quick to reply and enthusiastic. What you’ll read next are a few of his ownership experiences and a little about James himself!

911 GT3 Touring in front of a cityscape

In a few paragraphs, please describe yourself and your experience with your car

James Vellacott 47 years old, lives in London UK.

I was a press photographer covering news stories, Royal events and Conflict zones for 16 years for the British media. I now own and run Cherryduck Studios, a film production company based in London UK.
I have had five Porsche 911’s over 12 years that led me to eventually getting a dealer allocation for a Porsche 911 GT3 Touring.

It was a difficult task spec’ing the car, a GT3 that has no wing was sacrilege to the purists and to make it look like a 911R was also not necessary as it’s arguably a better car if not as collectable. In the end I ignored all the advice and spec’d it the way I wanted it.

I have undertaken multiple events this year including, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Salon Prive Concours, Blenheim Supercar weekend, Beaulieu Supercar weekend. I take also undertaken several road trips this year including a road trip to the Le Mans 24 race in France, a separate 2,000 mile road trip through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We have plans for Spain and the Pyrenees mountains next year.

Without doubt this car the most daily usable pedigree sportscar I have ever driven.

911 GT3 Touring in front of a building

What’s the hardest thing about daily driving a car like this in such a big city?

Dangers of kerbing the wheels, road humps and developing a strong left leg for the clutch.

How long have you had your car?

Since January 2018

911 GT3 Touring on a mountain pass

What made you choose this car?

This is my fifth 911, I had an allocation for a GT3 this year but I’m not a Track Rat, I enjoy these cars on the open roads preferably through the mountains. It’s the most spectacular road focused sportscar.

On average, how many miles do you put on it per year?

8,000 miles

911 GT3 Touring in a grass field

What do you do for a living?

I was a news photographer but now I own and run a film production company and studios in Central London –

What modifications have you made to the car?

No mechanical mods as Porsche have got this one spot on. For all those who insist they need a louder exhaust, the standard system passed the ‘happy wife happy life’ test on our Eurpoean roadtrip to the Alps and Italy this year. Any louder then I would have to make a difficult decision. Lol.

Non mechanical mods are black gloss paint applied to radiator air intakes in the valence and also the engine cover, replacing the ‘cheap’ plastic finish.
Also, GT Silver stripes and classic “Porsche” decals for a subtle hint that the car is not a standard 911.

911 GT3 Touring at sunset in a field

What is your least favorite thing about the car?

I understand why they’ve done it but there is no space saver wheel option. If you have a blow out on a Sunday afternoon in southern Europe, then you are probably sleeping in the car overnight.

What is your favorite thing about the car?

It’s an analogue driving experience – no turbos, a manual gearbox, non-electronic rear differential, 2 wheel drive and 500hp. A retro back to basics fully engaged driving experience.

911 GT3 Touring hood

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had in your car?

Being stuck in a cow traffic jam in the Italian Alps.

Would you like to promote your online presence at all?

Instagram: @911_spy
Twitter: @P911_spy
Forums: 911SPY on Pistonheads

James’ Company Cherryduck Studios

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