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Sold my Quadrifoglio: 5 things I will miss

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I parted with my 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio this week in order to get into a more pure sports car again. I will definitely miss the Alfa. Since it’s been requested, here are 5 of my favorite things about the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

1. The dynamic character

I’ve owned a few cars with adjustable suspension and throttle settings but none of them have contributed to such a significantly diverse set of driving experiences.

I kept my Quadrifoglio in Race mode 99% of the time but there was the occasional migraine or low-gas, high traffic scenario where I would put the car in automatic and try out the different driving modes.

In Advanced Effeciency with the suspension in its softest setting the ride was more comfortable than a BMW 330i but with the turn of a dial I could turn the car into a stiff, growling machine. Switch to full manual mode, drop a gear, floor it and fire off an upshift with a nasty crack on the gearchange and it’s amazing to think how quiet, comfortable and under the radar the car was just a few moments prior.

2. The sound

Hands-down the best sounding factory exhaust system in any modern performance sedan. The BMW M3 cannot hold a candle to this sound. The Mercedes C63 sounds mean with that V8 rumble but it cannot compare to the exotic pitch you get when you lay your foot down in Race mode in this Alfa Romeo.

The absolute best part of the sound is when you’re in race mode, 3/4 throttle and going from second to third gear, about 1k before redline, and you snap off an upshift. The sound you get in other cars in a similar situation sounds like a fart. In this car they’ve made it sound like the crack of a whip. It’s beautiful. And loud.

3. The interior

I’ve had a few German cars before. I’ve had a handfull of BMWs, I had a brief run with a 911 Carrera and I’ve had the opportunity to check out a few AMG Mercedes. The Germans do luxury interiors well. Everything is in its place and well considered, but they often lack emotion.

Special is the best way to describe how the interior of my Quadrifoglio felt. There’s leather all over. The dash feels like it was designed to be beautiful before it was designed to be functional (everything is in the right place, like the Germans). The display for the infotainment system blends beautifully in to the black trim in the center before being accented by leather and carbon fiber.

The shift paddles are massive and have an aggressive presence behind the (optional) carbon fiber flat-bottom steering wheel. The black/red 2-tone interior is somewhere between flashy and elegant. The contrast stiching is everywhere but not too in-your-face. The Alfa Romeo embossed logos on the seats are an awesome touch.

There is nowhere inside of this car that doesn’t feel special and like you’re in something much more expensive.

4. Presence

My Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio was Trofeo White (a pearl white) with dark wheels. Aside from black and gray I probably ordered the least flashy option available but this didn’t stop the car from grabbing attention from car enthusiasts and non car enthusiasts alike.

Car people were excited because you just don’t see Alfas in the United States (even though they are becoming more common). “Normal” people didn’t know what they were looking at with the weird grill design, the loud exhaust and the muscalar shape.

Even when I lived in Missouri and drove a Porsche, that car got less attention than living in Denver (there’s a lot more money here) with the Quadrifoglio.

As a relatively introverted person all of this attention sounds unappealing but as someone who loves cars the joy of seeing othe people get excited about a car and ask questions was an absolute blast.

5. Speed

Holy shit. These cars are fast. There’s no reason to have this much power available in a sedan in almost any driving situation that you’ll encounter on a public road, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazingly fun to unleash on an on-ramp.

As the driver, you’re in control. You know when you’re going to stomp on the gas and your body expects some inertia. In this car it doesn’t matter if you’re expecting to be pushed back in your seat. The Quadrifoglio can surprise you, knock your head back into the seat and leave you laughing your ass off and grinning ear to ear. It is such a blast. I will miss the thrill of acceleration that this car provided.

I’m lucky to have been able to own this car. I’ve been fortunate to have all of the cars that I’ve been able to own and drive over the years. This car will leave a special place in my heart. If you’re considering an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, please ask me questions on Twitter at @tylerwillingham or on Instagram as @twilling_.

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