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The future of DailyDrivenCo and the GT4 replacement

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The first month of DailyDrivenCo started out really strong with more unique visitors than I expected. We had our first community spotlight which was very well received.

However, since then I’ve not been posting any new content and I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to focus on my personal life. I don’t regret that decision at all. It’s important to focus on family and loved ones. In the back of my mind though, I was always a bit frustrated with how much I let DailyDrivenCo work slip behind. Especially on the website.

So… what’s the future of DailyDrivenCo?

I have been working to establish a defined content strategy that includes balancing a certain amount of community-sourced content (such as spotlights) with my own unique content. This website isn’t intend to be solely about me and my ownership experiences (although they will be included as well).

Our store was set up about a month ago and we’ve launched our first two products, the ONE CAR GARAGE tee and the ONE CAR GARAGE hoodie (in black). I intend on launching a white version of the ONE CAR GARAGE hoodie soon.

DailyDrivenCo operates at a loss each month and I am completely self-funding this endeavor. Selling merchandise is the most feasible way for me to start making DailyDrivenCo more self-sustainable and ensuring the long-term success of this hobby as a business. Or at least as something that doesn’t cost me so much that it’s worth weighing ending this experiment.

Wait, what about a GT4 replacement?

I’ve been considering what car will replace the GT4 since before I purchased the GT4. I have a problem with that. A lot of my considerations have been cars like the V10 R8, the 991.1 GT3 and even a McLaren 570S/GT. While any one of those cars would be insanely cool to own… my adult brain is taking over and I’m considering a change towards something more practical.

The most interesting car to me right now is the forthcoming Alfa Romeo GTV Coupe slated for a reveal by 2022 but that’s a long time away.

It is no secret that I loved my Giulia Quadrifoglio and odds are the GT4 replacement will be another one.

Why would I replace the GT4 with an Alfa Romeo / a car that I’ve already owned? Frankly, the GT4 is expensive and in an attempt to focus on my home life, having some money that’s not automatically ear-marked towards a car each month will be nice. A used Quadrifoglio is about 40% cheaper than my GT4.

One of my biggest regrets when reflecting on my Quadrifoglio ownership was that I traded it in before I was really able to modify the car. Sure, I had a carbon grille but everything else was bone stock. An insane exhaust, wheels, a tune and a wrap would be a lot of fun. Those things are much more expensive on the GT4 and harder to bring to you all in a more regular, timely fashion.

Lastly, between DailyDrivenCo and other things going on that I won’t write about, I have a small amount of debt that will be really relieving to pay down.

When are you getting rid of the GT4?

I am not currently in any rush to get rid of the GT4. I absolutely love this car and while the extra money will be nice, it is not a financial strain. When the timing is right, I will look into selling it private party and sourcing the right Alfa Romeo.

Next up:

I will be working this week on launching the white ONE CAR GARAGE hoodie in the DailyDrivenCo store and focusing on sourcing our next community spotlight. I might also allocate some time towards streamlining the Q&A process associated with the community spotlight. We’ll see.

As always, check us out on Instagram from the most timely and frequent updates while we work on the site. Thanks so much for hanging in there and supporting this passion project!

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