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Rebranding to Car Enthused

Disclosure: Car Enthused is sustained on affiliate sales commission. You may find some of those links in our articles. We pride ourselves on not having a purchasable opinion and you can trust that our opinions are genuine.

If you follow us on Instagram then this really isn’t news… but DailyDrivenCo has recently rebranded to Car Enthused. We’re also now found at!

This doesn’t need to be an in depth post. The gist of the change is essentially this:

  • I haven’t been “daily driving” anything in a while
  • I don’t want to restrict the community to daily driven vehicles when there are plenty of enthusiasts who drive their cars a lot, but not necessarily daily
  • As the size of my family changes, I don’t want to miss out on experiences in the cars I own (because some of the most fun cars are 2-seaters) and I’m restricting myself to a single vehicle. Therefor not being able to share the fun car with my family
  • I am a car enthusiast!

My GT4 is my sole vehicle right now (but a sale is pending) but the GT4 replacement is intended to stay in the family for awhile in addition to something much less practical in the future. There may even be a short period in between cars where I don’t have a vehicle and operating a brand related to daily driving a vehicle without a daily driver is… interesting. My enthusiasm remains and therefor we are Car Enthused!

So that’s the gist of it. I think this new name allows for more potential growth and as a bonus it’s more distant from other, large, recognizable daily driven-centric. What do you think of the new Car Enthused name? Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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