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Review: Glass Sealant by Adam’s Polishes

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I recently swung by the Adam’s headquarters here in Colorado and picked up a bottle of Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant. I applied the sealant to both my Porsche Cayman GT4 and my wife’s Ford Focus. Below is my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: I did not tell Adam’s Polishes I was going to be conducting a review when I purchased this product and I did not receive any special pricing or treatment. This is an unbiased review.


I purchased a single bottle of Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant (you can also buy it in a kit here). The idea behind a glass sealant such as this one is to provide a hydrophobic layer on your windshield. This allows your windshield wipers to work easier and in certain conditions it can even eliminate the need to use your windshield wipers. Many glass sealants in heavy or medium rain at highway speeds will allow the water to run right off of the windshield.

I should note… while it is possible that you may not need to use your wipers in certain conditions, you should still use them. Safety is important and treated glass + windshield wipers offer a much easier-to-clear windshield aiding in safer, obstruction-free driving.

Glass prep

The instructions on the bottle of Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant recommend that you clean and clay bar your windshield before application. I’m happy that the bottle goes so far as to recommend that you actually clay your windshield to remove contaminants because this should help your sealant last longer between applications giving you more bang for your buck.

I cleaned my windshield with my glass cleaner of choice: Invisible Glass. I find Invisible Glass to be the perfect balance of a quality streak-free glass cleaner and an affordable glass cleaner. Sorry Adam’s Polishes, I like your products but I can get so much more invisible glass for the money.

After cleaning the windshield I grabbed one of my cheaper clay bars and sprayed down the windshield with more glass cleaner to use as a lubricant (the same way you would use a detail spray while claying the paint) and started claying the windshield. This was relatively fast and on its own produced a smoother surface which was more prone to water run-off than the clean, un-clayed windshield.

Sealant Application

After cleaning the glass and making sure it was contaminant-free, I was on to applying the Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant.

The instructions suggest dotting a microfiber applicator pad with a few drops of Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant and applying it to small areas of the windshield at a time. While applying you should coat the windshield in one direction, then move to applying in the intersecting direction. For me this meant that I coated the windshield in small sections horizontally and then ran over the same areas vertically. After coating a section I let the coating sit for about 2-5 minutes (the bottle recommends 2-3) and then came back and wiped the residual product off with a microfiber towel.

After the entire windshield was coated and wiped dry I went over the glass one more time with glass cleaner to make sure I got all of the residual sealant and proceeded to test the application.


As expected, when I compared the results of pouring water out of a water bottle on to the windshield after the application, the water was much faster to run down the windshield. I would say it ran off at roughly double the speed that it did on an un-coated windshield. The speed of the run-off is indicative of what kind of results I can expect in the rain. Because the hydrophobic coating is causing water to run off quicker, I am confident that my wipers will do less work and their life will be extended.

For an immediate side-by-side comparison, I tested the results on the front windshield against the uncoated window on the hatch of my GT4 and I was pleased to also notice that less water stays around on the front window too. This means that after getting caught in a slight rain I can feel confident that I will have a reduced number of water spots to clean up. That saves me glass cleaner and time. I dig that.


It’s been years since I’ve used a glass sealant or coating. I used RainX on my first car but it left my windshield looking abnormally hazy while driving at night. The Adam’s Polishes Glass Sealant has not left me with any residual haze that I’ve noticed while driving at night. I feel like their price is pretty solid on the glass sealant as well. This small bottle is going to net me several applications and it will save my cleaning time, not to mention that it will conceivably spare me at least one replacement set of windshield wipers given that my GT4 is daily driven. One wiper alone is more expensive than the cost of this bottle of coating.

I think this is a solid buy. Next time you’re ordering from Adam’s Polishes, throw some of their glass sealant in your cart. Or, if you want to support the site you can use my product links in this article to order from Amazon. I will receive a very small kick back from your sale which allows me to dedicate more time towards product reviews, community spotlights and other write-ups as well as covering the monthly running costs to keep the site up.

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