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What’s up with Car Enthused?

Disclosure: Car Enthused is sustained on affiliate sales commission. You may find some of those links in our articles. We pride ourselves on not having a purchasable opinion and you can trust that our opinions are genuine.

To say that 2019 has been a difficult year would be a major understatement. Major life events have put Car Enthused on hold and I’d like to share some light on what’s been going on and what you can expect going forward.

This is going to be a fairly informal update.

A series of poor financial decisions (not really car related) precluded by a period of poor personal decisions caused me to accumulate an impressive(ly scary) amount of credit card debt. This, coupled with the upcoming birth of our first child, caused my family to decide to relocate closer to our family in a much more affordable city to focus on debts and family matters.

In June, only four weeks before our son was due to be born we received the devastating news that he no longer had a heartbeat. Our world was full of optimism and excitement and literally overnight it disappeared and was replaced with sadness, depression, confusion. We were, and remain, completely heartbroken. This completely reshaped what we expected our life to look like and has been incredibly difficult to persevere through.

I sold my car the next month with the intention to continue the theme that we instantiated our move upon. Paying down debts, being responsible, and putting extra attention towards my family. This is what I have needed to do and need to continue to do. The rebranding of DailyDrivenCo to Car Enthused was one that was necessary and something I had been considering for a while, but something that I did as a deliberate distraction from the overwhelming emotions caused by the loss of our son. It was a short-lived distraction but it was an incremental one that will pave the way for the future of the company.

So, right now… my focus is still on paying down those credit card debts and being close with my family. My wife is my number one priority and making sure that we can live comfortably without the stress of interest-accumulating debts hanging over our heads is a second priority. Car Enthused has to be and is (I think) appropriately the third priority.

I am currently working on developing a content strategy for more regular posts. You can imagine that not having a vehicle puts a damper on what kind of content is possible. But I think constraints can force creativity.

That’s where things are today. Car Enthused is still an interest of mine and building it out is still an aspiration but life happens. And this year… it has happened really fucking hard.

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